Bonnie Blue Class A Effect

Bonnie Blue  Class A Effect

After 2 years of extensive research and development, Musician Sound Design has developed a unique analog circuit which imitates the characteristics of tube circuitry with exceptional accuracy. This circuitry has been incorporated into two new overdrive units for guitarists ­ we are proud to present to you the Bonnie Blue & Union Jack.


The Bonnie Blue overdrive is a brand new development that perfectly complements the rest of the MSD product line. Thanks to its innovative voltage-doubling technology, the Bonnie Blue recreates the typical American overdrive sounds of the seventies with remarkable accuracy. The legendary “Hollow-Honk-Sound” of the Allman Brothers, the creamy Les Paul – Soli of the Eagles, Santana¹s glowing Woodstock-Tone or singing, dynamic runs from Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks ­ all this and more can be achieved with the Bonnie Blue. At full overdrive settings, the tone of the Bonnie Blue can even achieve the legendary Tone Bender sounds of Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page! Thanks to its enormous headroom, The Union Jack provides stable, consistent overdrive in front of any amplifier and never sounds muddy or undefined. The gain switch also allows use as a clean-booster with low distortion. Only the highest quality components are used in the construction of the Bonnie Blue, including the meticulous hand-selection of the transistors that guarantees perfect, consistent operation from unit to unit.
Sound Sample: Bonnie Blue

Bonnie Blue features include:

Stainless Steel Chassis
Metal Pots and Switches
True Bypass Switch
9 VDC Jack
Easy-access battery compartment
Technical Specifications:
Power supply: 9 V DC
Power consumption: 7 mA.
Weight: 0.8 KG
Dimensions: B 11.5 x H 13.7 x T 5.5 cm

Optimized for Humbucking Guitars:







Some unique technologies have gone into the development of these two new overdrive models from MSD. The first of these is plain old hard work ­ to achieve the amazing tube-like tones, MSD must test at least 2000 transistors to select and match enough to make 100 pedals. While this may seem like “overkill” to many, MSD feels that the results are audible. In addition to this method of “un-natural selection” regarding their components, both the Union Jack and Bonnie Blue circuits feature the ingenious “Blue Block”. The Blue Block was developed by MSD to counter the most common problems associated with transistor distortion units. The Blue Block is a specially designed metal casing that provides additional shielding to the transistors in order to reduce radio interference and noise. Inside the Blue Block, all the transistors and other components are encased in a special casting resin that further suppresses noise and micro phonics. More importantly, this resin prevents the temperature drift that can cause a transistor distortion to sound different from night to night. The result is quiet, smooth consistent tone EVERY night.


The Union Jack features no internal Voltage Doubler circuit, and it can operate in a range of 6 V DC to 18 VDC. At 6 VDC the pedal offers a softer, warmer Distortion-Sound, while at the max. 18 V DC it produces a more clearly defined Distortion tone.
The Bonnie Blue uses a Voltage Doubler circuit to ensure the pedal stays in the operating range of 5 V DC to 9 V DC, providing consistent tone. An operating voltage higher than 9 V DC is not permitted, as this would damage the unit and void the warranty.

No.1Voltage-Doubler circuit (Bonnie Blue)
No.2 Blue Block (Bonnie and Union)

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