AM Classic Wah

AM Classic Wah  20th  Anniversary

 AM Classic Wah 20th Anniversary brings back the wah sound of 1967.

Like 20 years ago we designed a replacement board to modify your Vox ® or Cry Baby ® Wah. In addition to the possibility of clicking-free switching by footswitch or AM sensor, we have directly integrated the circuit of a Wah Wah Wah from 1967 as well as the three additional features and two sound options

AM Classic anniversary 2017

To replace the board, only one soldering connection is required. The blue cable has to be removed from the footswitch. Everything else is plugged or screwed in.

For a product in perfection, the Wah circuitry is manufactured with the same high quality components as 50 years ago, including composite carbon resistors and NOS style transistors to reproduce the 1967 sound.

The switching of the effect, parallel input and true bypass is done via JFETs, just like 20 years ago with the AM Kit. This guarantees the owner a click-free and wear-free switching probably forever.


The truth for good sound is in the past.

Germany has always been a leader in studio electronics and the production of electronic components. That’s why we use the same components as the famous V676a microphone amplifiers JFETs. Our Wah Wah Wah chokes are also hand wound by a traditional German company according to our specifications, based on the first prototype of 1967.

AM Classic Mod. 2017 Features.  AutomagicClassic 2018 en

The following functions can be activated via Mini Jumper on / off.

1. buffer active jumper on

2. Wah Wah Wah effect True Bypass Jumper on or Parallel Input Instrument Jumper off.

3.Two different sounds 1967 Style Jumper off / 1970 Thomas Organ Style, Jumper on.


4. stowage Led can be plugged without soldering.

5. mini switch can be plugged into positions 1,2 & 3 without soldering so that the functions can be activated externally.

Drilling hole: Led Ø 5,5mm, Mini Switch Ø 6mm.


   AM Classic Switch Diagram

Installation>>>>>>>>>>>>>AM Classic Installation

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